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10. September 2021

Fake email: "Customer Service of the Sparkasse" informs about the Tan process

This morning I received an email that Apple Mail had pre-sorted into the spam folder as a precaution. That surprised me, because it apparently came from the savings bank and provided information on the Tan process. It was both [...]
1. March 2021
Of course, this email did not come from the Sparkasse, but was sent by fraudsters who would like to get the Sparkasse access data.

Attention: very well camouflaged Sparkasse phising mail on the subject of S-PushTAN on the go

When I get email from banks, I usually assume it's spam or phishing. Hardly any bank still relies on e-mails when it comes to communicating with customers, if you [...]
6. March 2020
Beware: phishing mail from Sparkasse

Caution: Sparkasse phishing emails are in circulation

Yesterday I received a new variant of phishing emails. This time the sender is supposed to be the Sparkasse, with which I actually had an account until recently. The subject is in the [...]
13. March 2019

Mistake seen: Sparkasse will introduce Apple Pay in 2019

After Apple Pay arrived in Germany in 2018, there was a lot of positive feedback. However, it was precisely the Sparkasse, a credit institution that many used in Germany, refused to link the Girocard (formerly [...]
12. December 2018
Certainly not BFF (best friends forever), but I hope the customers can manage it (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Apple Pay launched in Germany - Sparkasse not included ...

I went to my iPhone this morning with joy and grabbed the credit card to finally be able to try Apple Pay (here are instructions on how to set it up). Unfortunately, the iPhone has my [...]