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22 June 2017

USB-C hub bestseller: distributor for 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3

When the then 2015-inch MacBook with USB-C was introduced by Apple in 12, the connection was not really fashionable. But now there are already plenty of devices that, in addition to the MacBook or iMac [...]
16 March 2017
USB charger with Schuko socket, AUKEY, Belkin, Icy Box, Schuko and USB ports, travel, vacation charger for several USB devices smartphone tablet camera

USB charger with Schuko socket: Charge USB devices without occupying the socket

Especially when traveling, it can be very annoying to take several USB chargers with you to charge all devices from smartphone to tablet to the camera (simultaneously); In addition, each USB charger occupies one socket. In a hotel room [...]
16 March 2017
Multiple socket, USB connection as USB charger Schukodose distributor PowerCube

PowerCube multiple socket with USB charger (2 USB ports)

When looking for a handy distributor for the socket, which conveniently has USB connections on board, the PowerCube could be a solution as a compact multiple socket. The small cube with four Schuko sockets and two USB ports can [...]