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23 June 2022

What is an app?

For most of you, the question “What is an app?” can certainly be answered quickly. It's a program, a software, an application. Or? In general this is the case, but if you […]
13 August 2019
Convert .app to .dmg

Instructions: Create a .dmg from an .app file on the Mac

This is again a manual that I just had to collect myself in an English forum. The reason why I want to turn an .app into a .dmg file is as follows: If you try a macOS [...]
11 August 2019
Turn the Sir-Apfelot website into an app on the home screen? It's very easy with these instructions.

Instructions: Create an app on the iPhone from a website or URL

"Learned something again!" I can say today without any problems. Why? Because I showed my son how to get his school's substitution plan website as an app icon on his iPhone. So he can without much fumbling [...]
13 March 2018

Mac tip: Copy app icons in high resolution

For me as a blogger it is often necessary that I get the icon of an app on the Mac so that I can use it to design graphics for my posts. The problem is when you use the app in the [...]
13 March 2018

Microlearn for Swift: Learn with videos and the Martin Lexow app

It has been a few months since I received the email from Martin Lexow that I could test his MacApp "Mikrolern für Swift". There is already a short contribution to Martin's YouTube videos [...]
17 February 2017
Download Space Invaders App for watchOS 3 and iOS, Download Invaders mini for Apple Watch, Download App Store for iPhone. Play Space Invaders on iPhone. Free, free.

Space Invaders App for watchOS: Retro Game on the Apple Watch

Do you want to download the retro game Space Invaders as an app for the Apple Watch? Nothing easier than this! Because from the developer Virtual GS there is a clone of the arcade classic for the Smartwatch from Apple; [...]
7 November 2016
apple wlan test wifi app ios free free download

WiFi SpeedTest app: test and improve WiFi for free with iPhone and iPad

Check the home or public WiFi for download speed and upload rates, deal with problems in the same app and have everything clearly displayed: this is possible with the WiFi SpeedTest app from EVGENY BOGOMOLOV. The app for Apple devices [...]
5 September 2016
playbrush brushing teeth kids app toothbrush game

Playbrush: The toothbrush as a game controller for child-friendly tooth brushing

The Playbrush attachment for commercially available toothbrushes is intended to make brushing teeth more attractive for children. The cone-shaped game controller communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth, and the movements of the toothbrush show a [...]
26 August 2016
Commerzbanking made easy

Online banking with the Commerzbank app: Commerzbanking via smartphone

With mobile solutions such as the Commerzbank app, online banking has become child's play in recent years; the term Commerzbanking has already established itself among users. And both the Commerzbank app as [...]
23 October 2015
aXbo sleep phase alarm clock set for couples

Advantages and disadvantages of different sleep phase alarm clocks in comparison

Sleep phase alarm clocks promise to only wake the user when he is in a light sleep phase. To do this, you set the wake-up time at which you have to get up the latest or you can choose a time period (for example 30 [...]