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18. March 2020
Parallels Desktop failed to boot

Parallels Desktop Error: Trying to boot from SATA optical drive 2

Today my reader Ludwig wrote to me, who runs the "Parallels Desktop" emulator with Windows 7 Pro on his MacBook Air. Lately, when starting the virtual machine, this error has always appeared: Trying to boot [...]
14 JULY 2014
Windows error code 800736B3

Error code 800736B3 when installing Windows 7 updates

Yes, yes, now I can hear the first prophecies of doom: "Sir Apfelot's Apple Blog is already dealing with Windows problems! Where is this going?!?" ... but the situation is serious and certain [...]
25. February 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Boot Camp: Windows 7 starts with a black screen on the iMac

Yesterday I installed Windows 2009 on my iMac late 7 on a Boot-Camp partition. Unfortunately there was a problem, because when the iMac starts, the message "Windows is starting" appears and then [...]