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7 March 2019
Powerbank test from Computer Bild 01/2019

Powerbank test in Computer Bild 01/2019 - these are the test winners with 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 mAh

I recently sat in a waiting room and, due to the limited selection of literature, ended up with a magazine that I normally don't read: Computer Bild. As you can see from the name, it is [...]
15 November 2018

Hearing aid batteries tested by Stiftung Warentest 02/2018 (type 10, 312, 13 & 675)

Hearing aid batteries are important to keep hearing aids working in or behind the ear and to enable the wearer to hear. There are different batteries for hearing aids of different types of hearing aids: Type 10, Type 312, [...]
24 April 2017
Photo: drying clothes energy-saving and pretty

The best heat pump dryers in energy efficiency class A +++ (test winner)

When looking for a new tumble dryer, I was informed and informed in many directions. Because just like with a television, the selection of the right dryer should be considered and ideally with [...]
26 September 2014
DxOMark smartphone test 2014

The Apple iPhone 6/6 plus camera is the test winner - best smartphone camera 2014

I have to say: some reports some simply have more fun reading when you have the test winner "best smartphone camera 2014" in your hand. A continuous list of the best […]
26 November 2012
JVC Everio GZ-VX 700 SEU camcorder

Camcorder test winner: JVC Everio GZ-VX 700 SEU

The JVC Everio was my first hard drive camcorder a few years ago. For those times it had an intoxicating picture, an HD resolution and a long battery life. And even today JVC plays with its Everio HD camcorder in the [...]