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16 November 2021

LEGO Advent Calendar 2021: City, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more

In preparation for Christmas, it is always nice to have an advent calendar that prepares a little bit every day for the big day. Regardless of whether you call it Christmas Day, Tree Day, gift festival or something else, the advent calendar can [...]
12 November 2020

Fancy advent calendars: more than just chocolate before Christmas

Advent calendars for December 2020 do not have to contain (only) chocolate. There are a wide variety of offers for children and adults who can build and maintain the anticipation for Christmas without chocolate. Every year on [...]
23 November 2018

The most original Advent calendars 2018 for adults

Advent calendars don't always have to be filled with chocolate; You can also do without other delicacies if other original fillings are waiting behind the little doors. In this little guide I will show you the - my [...]