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27 April 2022

What is adware?

The term adware is made up of the two English words "advertisement" and "software". The former stands for "advertising", which means that the software described as adware has something to do with advertising measures. It is important to […]
21 January 2022

Apple highlights iPhone 13 battery life and Ceramic Shield in new videos

With the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro in 2021, not only processor and camera improvements as well as a new operating system came to the users of Apple smartphones. There was also an increase compared to the previous models […]
14 June 2021

[Video evidence] And the iPhone is secretly listening in the background

At Apfelot, there is now and then a discussion about whether certain apps are listening in on the smartphone in order to then display advertisements for keywords that are often mentioned. My wife says that she has had the case several times that [...]
25 March 2021
Create QR codes with URL for website

Create QR codes with website URLs for free - online or with the app

Today - after a long time - I once again needed to create a QR code that contains a website address and should be printed on a flyer. My first port of call was Google search because I thought [...]
7 November 2019

Safari Reader view: Hide videos and advertising frames on websites

You know it: You quickly look for information, the latest news, a recipe, instructions or a test report - and you find ... advertising. Some pages seem to be so dependent on advertisements that to the left and right of [...]
29 March 2019

When are Instagram photos advertising and how do you have to label them?

If you post photos on Instagram privately to share something about your life with your friends and other interested parties, you probably do so without further image or business intentions. It looks different with so-called influencers who care about their [...]
16 February 2018

Why the advertising company Google integrates an ad blocker in the browser

Since yesterday there is a native ad blocker in the web browser Google Chrome, which is supposed to block advertisements on websites. But why is the advertising company Google integrating such an advertising block in its browser? The answer lies with the Better [...]
17 July 2017

Move to iOS: Apple launches switch campaign to get Android users excited about the iPhone

The Apple advertising campaign “Switch”, which has been running in the USA for some time, has now also arrived in Germany and is intended to encourage Android users to use an iPhone with iOS. The benefits of the iPhone are just as much [...]
28 November 2012
Apple commercials

485 Apple Commercials - Good Entertainment!

The commercials Apple has produced and published over the company's history are not all entertaining. But some have become real classics, which one likes to take to heart again and again. A friendly Youtube user [...]