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16 August 2021

AirServer: AirPlay receiver for Mac, PC and other devices

Apple AirPlay is useful if you want to transfer your screen content wirelessly from one device to another. For example, you can use the Apple TV to duplicate the display of your iPhone or iPad on the television. [...]
8 April 2019

Like in kindergarten: Netflix deactivates the AirPlay function in the iOS app

If you are currently wondering why the transmission of Netflix content via AirPlay to the Apple TV box no longer works, the streaming service will answer the following: Due to technical restrictions, AirPlay is no longer supported for use with Netflix. [...]
27 February 2017
Use multiple speakers at the same time with AirPlay, guide, manual, Apple support, the best AirPlay speakers, list

Stream music to multiple speakers using AirPlay from iTunes

With AirPlay you can stream content from your Mac, iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices to AirPlay-certified receiving devices such as speakers. Here I want to show you briefly how you can use AirPlay to play music on multiple devices [...]
1 December 2016
The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 in comparison with wireless HDMI adapters from VicTsing and ELEGIANT. Not every dongle can stream Windows, iOS, OS X, macOS, Android and Chrome OS.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter: Function, Compatibility and Alternatives for iOS and Android

Okay, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 has been on the market since March 2016, but regular readers already know that this is not always about the latest industry, but about recent discoveries from [...]
19 November 2014
Airplay symbol

Output music and audio signals from Apple Mac to Airplay boxes

A few days ago I unpacked my [Airplay speaker-> airplay speaker] from Logitech. Since I keep playing music on YouTube in the background here and there (without paying attention to the video), [...]
25 October 2013

AirPlay: What it offers and alternatives to it

AirPlay is a transmission standard that was developed by Apple to send music, videos or other content to an AppleTV or airplay-enabled device. You can use it to transfer your music from your iPhone or iPod to an airplay-enabled [...]
20 March 2013
Bowers & Wilkins Z2

Bowers & Wilkins Z2 music dock finally with airplay and lightning dock

The noble music forge [Bowers & Wilkins-> bowers-wilkins] have already released a number of products for the audiophile iPhone user that have only received top ratings among connoisseurs. Unfortunately, the well-known Zeppelin was still another [loudspeaker dock-> loudspeaker dock] from B&W [...]
28 November 2012

Instructions: Upgrade your analog or digital stereo system with Airplay

Airplay is a practical thing if you just want to quickly play music from your iPhone or iPad on the stereo system. Läsitges pairing as with Bluetooth is no longer necessary and the sound is also essential [...]