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26 April 2022
AirPrint printer

AirPrint printers – a current selection of ink and laser models

What AirPrint printers are should be familiar to most Sir Apfelot readers, but I would like to explain it briefly for the others anyway: An AirPrint printer is a printer that supports the AirPrint protocol developed by Apple, [...]
10 March 2022
Apple AirPrint

Set up AirPrint printers - on Mac, iPad and iPhone

I have already explained how AirPrint actually works in a longer post. Basically it is a special software interface that allows you to print from iPad or iPhone without the need for printer drivers […]
8 March 2022
Apple AirPrint

What is AirPrint?

The term AirPrint can be found again and again when working with a Mac, iPhone or iPad. There are certainly many readers who already use AirPrint every day in the office or home office, but some of the term may […]
18 September 2021
Looking for a compact black and white laser for the iPad

Readers question: wanted a small black and white laser printer for the iPad in the office

Today I got a question from my loyal reader Josef, which at first seems to be easy to answer, but after a little research I realized that it is not that easy after all. Josef asked [...]