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13 JULY 2019
I think the look of the Wakey is successful. Some people are bothered by the fact that the time is not centered in the European format (without AM and PM) when it is displayed. I didn't even notice this.

In the test: Soundcore Wakey from Anker - a radio alarm clock rethought

A few days ago I got the Anker Soundcore Wakey, which has only recently been available on the German market. In principle, it is a radio alarm clock, which, however, uses the clock radio concept on
23. October 2015
aXbo sleep phase alarm clock set for couples

Advantages and disadvantages of different sleep phase alarm clocks in comparison

Sleep phase alarm clocks promise to only wake the user when he is in a light sleep phase. To do this, you set the wake-up time at which you have to get up the latest or you can choose a time period (for example 30 [...]
22. March 2013
OS X alarm clock Aurora

Alarm clock on Mac OS X with the Aurora app

A function that I have been missing from [OS X-> mac-os-x] for a long time is a timer or an alarm clock. There used to be the Alarm Clock 2 software, which was free and worked well, but unfortunately I think [...]