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14 October 2021
Arc Pulse Design Case iPhone Test

Arc Pulse - an extraordinary iPhone case put to the test

A long time ago I had a blog post about crowdfunding the Arc Pulse. At that time it was not quite clear whether the project would actually find enough supporters to enable it to be produced. [...]
28 January 2020
Test of the InLine 4in1 Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard

In the test: InLine 4in1 Bluetooth keyboard for Mac, iPhone and iPad

The manufacturer InLine kindly sent me their new 4-in-1 Bluetooth keyboard so that I can write a short review about it. The "short" somehow didn't work, but I hope you won't be bored with my [...]
12 November 2019
In the test: the Orico 15-port hub

In the test: Orico A3H13P2 - active USB 3.0 hub with 13 ports and 2 fast charging ports

The last few weeks the USB ports on my MacBook Pro and the already connected Aukey 4-port USB-C hub (recommended hub if you don't have many hard drives!) Have become very scarce. Two external hard drives, a Time Machine drive, an external monitor [...]
20 June 2019

Why liquid metal thermal paste must not come into contact with aluminum heat sinks

Here in the blog I have already published a few posts about CPU cooling and the purchase of thermal paste (see below). It was also about aids that contain liquid metal - especially gallium. These pastes come [...]
28 January 2013

The best iPhone 5 bumpers at a glance

Even if Apple has withdrawn from the bumper business, there are still many iPhone users who would like to continue to provide their smartphone with frame protection. We have here a list of the (from our point of view) best [...]