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24. May 2021

Why does an Android smartphone slow down over time, but an iPhone doesn't?

When comparing smartphones with the two most widely used operating systems Apple iOS and Google Android, there are many points that can be contrasted. Who does not get a new cell phone with every contract renewal after two years [...]
14. February 2020

MacDroid App - exchange files between Mac and Android smartphone

If you want to exchange files, music, photos and more between iPhone and Mac, it's very easy. It's easy to do via iTunes (up to macOS Mojave) or the Finder (from macOS Catalina); via AirDrop [...]
22. November 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 47, 2019

Only one month left and all Christmas shopping should be done. If everything is planned for you in this regard, you can also sit back and read the current Sir Apfelot newsreel first. Hereinafter […]
8. August 2019

WhatsApp: Maximum file size and file formats that can be sent

WhatsApp from Facebook is an instant messenger, i.e. a messaging app that transfers text, voice messages and files in real time. But what is the maximum file size for sending files on WhatsApp? And which […]
30 JULY 2019

Using LineageOS - Nintendo Switch with Android

Use the Nintendo Switch as a tablet and run some kind of Android operating system on it? This is possible with LineageOS, which can be started directly from the microSD memory card. This makes cracking the console unnecessary, so that [...]
1 JULY 2019

BSI warns: Smartphones with preinstalled malware

A smartphone is now part of the basic equipment of modern people - regardless of age or budget. If there is not so much money left over, you can at least buy smart cell phone models for around 100 euros. [...]
7th of June 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 23 2019

The week is drawing to a close, and so is the Apple WWDC 2019, which started on Monday with the traditional keynote. As part of this presentation not only the new versions of existing operating systems were shown, [...]
14. May 2019

WhatsApp security - it's best to install the update immediately!

Anyone who uses the Messenger WhatsApp belonging to Facebook should look for the latest update in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store as soon as possible. And of course install this too. It is a serious [...]
24. August 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 34

It's Friday again and soon I can't think of any opening sayings for the Sir Apfelot Wochenschau: D That's why we're going straight into this this time and have a look at the Apple and tech news for calendar week 34. [...]
April 4, 2018

Google Chrome setting: Turn off notifications

If you use Google Chrome on the Apple Mac, iMac, MacBook or iPhone or on the Windows PC or an Android smartphone, you will be asked on some websites whether they can send you notifications. Want […]