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5 December 2016
Gooligan Android Malware roots smartphones, hacks the user's Google account and independently downloads apps. Output graphics: Pixabay

Gooligan: Android malware infected 1 million devices - but not a single iPhone!

Gooligan is a new Android malware that has infected, rooted and hacked Google accounts a million devices since August 2016. What exactly is Gooligan, how the malware works and which apps you as an Android user [...]
30 September 2016
appygeek appy geek sir applelot apple news

Sir Apfelot goes Appy Geek: Apple news and nerd stuff now also via app

Appy Geek is an app for all friends of technology, digital solutions and news in the field of hardware and software. You could also call Appy Geek the nerd section of the News Republic, a high-quality [...]
12 September 2016
Sir Apfelot Dashbutton - Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button: Reorder consumables at the push of a button

The Amazon Dash Button is currently a hotly debated novelty from the largest Internet mail order company in the world. "Useful or just a way into a society that is completely cut off from retail?" Some people ask when asked about Amazon's Dash Button [...]
6 October 2015
iPhone 6s benchmark test results

Benchmark tests confirm: iPhone 6s is way ahead of the competition

Receive, read, calculate, write and save data; A smartphone must be able to do all of this in order to be able to offer its repertoire of services and functions. The faster the individual services are provided, the smoother the performance [...]
15 November 2014
File transfer for Android

Android File Transfer: File transfer from Apple Mac to Android device

A few days ago I got myself a [Kindle Fire HDX 7 (7 inch tablet) -> my-kindle-fire] to read graphically prepared PDFs and watch tutorial videos. In terms of software, the Kindle Fire is based on the [Android operating system [...]
30 July 2014
Zalando apps

App presentation: the Zalando shopping app

If you want to scream with happiness on the go, you can land a huge hit with the new Zalando shopping apps. Not only around the clock and in the café around the corner or during the lunch break [...]
4 November 2013
Apple and iPhone jokes

Apple jokes and sayings about iPhone and Co.

Here I unearthed a few sayings and jokes with and about Apple, iPhone, iPad and Co. I'll be happy to add to the list as I come across new jokes. If you like, you can also [...]
14 March 2013
Kindle Fire HD

8,9-inch Kindle Fire HD now available on Amazon

The [eBook reader Kindle-> kindle] was actually not seen in direct competition with the iPad. Anyone who was into eInk book reading got a Kindle and those who were more into colorful entertainment grabbed the [Apple iPad-> ipad]. [...]