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21 June 2020
Malware comes as a flash installer

New malware comes as a flash installer and tricks gatekeepers on the Mac

The current warning comes from Intego, who of course always use such finds to advertise their antivirus program on the Mac. That is okay in itself, but caution is not only required with malware, but [...]
21 April 2020

Protection against malware - these tricks protect against viruses, Trojans and Co.

There are various types of malware for computers, smartphones and tablets. The possibilities, summarized under the term malware, to infiltrate a digital system, to spy on it or to use it to access data, apply [...]
10 May 2019

Malwarebytes (Mac Version) - The recommendation from the Apple Service Center

Antivirus software on the Apple Mac ... Actually, I am of the opinion that you don't need anti-virus software on a Mac. Nevertheless, readers sometimes ask which software I would recommend if they do something [...]
12 February 2019

Why you shouldn't install antivirus software on your Mac

Antivirus software on the Mac or anti-malware apps on macOS are not required. In this post I would like to show you why this is the case and how I have been using Apple computers for over 20 years without me [...]
17 November 2016

Do I need antivirus software on the Mac or MacBook?

Mac and MacBook have developed from niche and hipster products to mainstream articles, which of course also makes Apple devices attractive targets for hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware, adware and the like. Therefore the question is whether [...]
4 June 2014
Security programs antivirus

Security software for the Mac - these programs convince in the test

The topic of antivirus software has traditionally met with little interest in the Mac user community, as the operating system, due to its design, offers significantly less attack surface for viruses, Trojans and the like than conventional Windows PCs. Another one […]
25 July 2013
Security programs antivirus

OSX.Janicab.A ... and there is malware on the Mac

I am a big advocate of the theory that you don't need a [virus scanner-> virus scanner-mac] on a Mac, because nothing runs on it anyway that comes in viruses, because mostly it is .exe files that are directly for [... ]