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14. January 2015
.aae file extension

What are .aae files?

Files with the extension .aae are usually files that are created by the OS X / macOS or iOS / iPadOS operating systems on the Mac, iPhones or iPads. Basically, there are additional files that, in addition to the actual [...]
16 JULY 2014
Aperture to Lightroom

Switching from Aperture to Lightroom - this is how the move works

After Apple announced that Aperture will no longer be developed, many photographers are faced with the problem of having to decide which horse to bet on in the future. My recommendation is still Adobe Photoshop [...]
16 JULY 2014
Aperture Alternative Lightroom

Alternatives to Apple Aperture photo management and image processing

After Apple presented the new "Photos" app at WWDC, it became known almost at the same time that the further development of iPhoto and Aperture would be discontinued. While amateur photographers who have built on iPhoto certainly have no problems with [...]