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17. February 2021

Mac error: Could not create a preboot volume for APFS

The error message “A preboot volume for APFS could not be created” or “Preboot volume for APFS installation could not be created” can appear on the Apple Mac if something goes wrong with the macOS reinstallation. The error means that there is no system environment [...]
16. November 2020

Install macOS Big Sur and Catalina in parallel without a partition

Thanks to the APFS file system, it is very easy on the Apple Mac to install two operating systems in parallel on one hard drive - and that without partitions. In the past, hard disks had to be broken down into individual virtual parts (partitions), then [...]
16. January 2020

Mac tip: Encrypt the USB stick or external hard drive and secure it with a password

If you want to encrypt a USB stick or an external hard drive on your Apple Mac, you don't need a special app. Only an operating system from macOS 10.13 High Sierra is required. With this, as well as with one or two conditions that are still met [...]
29 December 2019
iMac and MacBook Air lost connection error

[Solved] MacBook Air and iMac no longer connect after macOS Catalina update

A few weeks ago my reader Alfred wrote to me that he has had problems connecting his MacBook Air to macOS Catalina since he updated his MacBook Air to his iMac. So far he has found [...]
18. November 2019

Using 32-bit apps under macOS Catalina: Here's how!

With Apple's Mac operating system macOS 10.15 Catalina, only 64-bit apps can be used. Software with 32-bit architecture can no longer be used by default. However, there are one or two tricks, thanks to which the "old" apps always [...]
28. October 2019

Mac: APFS volume or partition - their advantages and disadvantages

In order to test current beta versions or to install two different macOS editions in parallel, you can create APFS volumes on the Mac hard drive instead of creating partitions. The advantage is that the partition takes up as much space as [...]
20. August 2019
Win the ADATA SSD SD600Q with 480 GB - used, but hand-checked by Doc. Sir Apfelot. ;-)

ADATA SD600Q Durable: external SSD with 480 GB in the test

The selection of SSDs that can be plugged into the Mac as an external drive has increased massively in recent years. Another positive development is the price per gigabyte, which is falling steadily. In order to […]
31 December 2018
APFS is case sensitive

Reader's question: Mac startup disk with APFS / upper and lower case causes problems

Today I received an email from "Mischu", a reader who had a little "mishap" while installing his Mac. I've summarized the content here: I completely rebuilt my Mac today, [...]
24. November 2018
Format hard drive as APFS volume

Disk Utility: The Mac hard disk cannot be formatted in the APFS file system

It's a bit embarrassing when, as Sir Apfelot, you have to ask others why a hard drive (in my case an external SSD) cannot be formatted in the APFS file system - but hey, I'm [...]
April 9, 2018

Major Mac file systems: APFS, Mac OS Extended (HFS +), and exFAT

Up to macOS 10.12 Sierra, the Apple operating system for Mac, iMac and MacBook uses the HFS + file system by default - from 10.13 High Sierra it is APFS. But which Mac file systems are also important, for example for [...]