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3. September 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 35, 2021

It's September and Apple will soon be presenting its new products. Then we'll see which rumors come true and which were just rumors and wishful thinking. But before that there is the popular Sir [...]
4. August 2021

Falling prices in the App Store for the euro area, UK and South Africa

Apple adjusts prices in the App Store whenever tax regulations or exchange rates for currencies change. In the coming days there should be changes again, as announced at the official site. So [...]
24th of June 2021

Sideloading - Apple only wants iPhone apps from the App Store

Currently, many public authorities are opposing the big tech companies from the USA. In addition to the Federal Cartel Office and the European Union, the US judiciary is also interested in the monopoly positions of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple. The […]
6. January 2021

The Mac App Store turns 10

"Apple announced today that the Mac App Store is now open with more than 1.000 free and paid apps," it said exactly ten years ago in a press release on January 6, 2011. Almost [...]
14. December 2020
Cannot open app - Mac error

Reader question: The program cannot be opened because Apple cannot search for malware

If you don't download every app from the official Apple app store onto your Mac, you will eventually stumble into an error message that prevents you from opening a program or running an installer. So it happened [...]
29. September 2020

Apple vs. Epic Games: negotiation of Fortnite in-app purchases not until 2021?

The dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the development studio of "Fortnite", has been going on since mid-August. And it could drag on well into next year. At least that's what the statement [...]
27. September 2020
Apple delivers numbers to the App Store

Interesting facts about the Apple App Store - only the positive ones, of course ...

Apple is currently under some pressure to justify its 30 percent "fees" that they charge app developers when they sell something through the App Store. Don't get me wrong: I think the 30 percent is perfectly fine [...]
April 30, 2020

CleanMyMac X Now On The App Store - Buy Or Not?

Twelve years after the first CleanMyMac version and 17 years after the introduction of the Apple iTunes Store, both can be found together in the current version. The CleanMyMac X software is used to clean up Macs and has been part of the [...]
16. January 2020

Request invoices for purchases in the App Store and iTunes

The automatic delivery of invoices for digital purchases at Apple doesn't always work. In the recent past there have even been extensive problems and for some users, sometimes for weeks, an invoice was no longer sent automatically by e-mail. If [...]
9. January 2020

Apple invoice for an App Store purchase that was not made? Beware of fraud!

In addition to PayPal (see here), Apple is once again one of the names that are misused for data theft. According to the Lower Saxony police, there is currently a fake Apple invoice in circulation via e-mail, which concerns a [...]