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19 October 2021

Apple AirPods (3rd generation) - details and price

Apple has introduced a new generation of AirPods headphones. The new Apple AirPods of the 3rd generation have a new design, new Pro functions and a new charging case. Up to 30 hours of use are possible with a full [...]
15 October 2020

Reset AirPods Pro - how the reset works

The last time I had the problem that my AirPods Pro could be connected to the Mac, but then no audio played. The problem had already been announced over a few days, as the audio output was always [...]
9 July 2019

elago Apple Watch Stand: iMac, iPod, Game Boy and more!

Some time ago I presented the elago W3, a holder for the Apple Watch in the look of the Macintosh 128k. You can find the article here. Since now with the elago W6 [...]
21 May 2019

TaoTronics TT-BH 053 True Wireless in-ear headphones as an AirPods alternative

The TaoTronics True Wireless in-ear headphones with the model number TT-BH 053 have been on the market for almost three months. The majority of TaoTronics users rate the AirPods alternative, which costs just 40,99 euros, as very good or [...]
20 March 2019

Apple AirPods 2 - More performance without the expected feature

This week is Apple Secret Product Week. After the new iPad models on Monday and the new iMac and iMac Pro models on Tuesday yesterday, the new AirPods were presented today. The Apple AirPods 2 for 2019 [...]
24 April 2018

Use Apple AirPods individually - how and why?

The Apple AirPods, which were first ridiculed and then praised by everyone, wireless Bluetooth headphones from Cupertino, have three different uses: only on the left, only on the right or both at the same time. Of course, when listening to music, the [...]
4 January 2018

Can you use Apple AirPods on Android?

Can you use Apple AirPods on Android, for example as Bluetooth headphones for your smartphone or tablet? - You might ask yourself this question when you are toying with the wireless headphones from Cupertino, but only one [...]
23 August 2017

Google with its own “AirPods”: wireless headphones called Bisto

According to information from 9to5Google and other platforms, Google headphones are currently being developed under the name Bisto, which are to be wirelessly connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and thus also to Google voice assistance. On the competing product [...]
14 December 2016
Apple AirPods review test report German experiences field report Rene Ritchie iMore Image source:

AirPods in the test: detailed experience report on the wireless Apple headphones

Rene Ritchie from iMore had the opportunity to subject the AirPods from Apple to a test, the report of which ended up being quite extensive. Here I would like to share with you the highlights of the experience report on the Apple AirPods [...]
24 October 2016
syllable d900 mini bluetooth headphones

Syllable D900 MINI: Alternative to Apple AirPods or cheap copy?

Since September 13, 2016, Amazon has had the Syllable D900 MINI in-ear headphones in its range. There are now numerous reviews as well as official tests in specialist magazines for this apparently very good AirPods alternative. Good reasons […]