Apple Air Tag

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5. May 2021

Reset AirTag: Restore the Apple Tracker to factory settings

If you want to reset an Apple AirTag so that you can set it up again, sell it or give it away, there is a very specific procedure. The step-by-step instructions for resetting AirTags to factory settings can be found in [...]
21th April 2021

Apple AirTag - Specifications, Price, and Features

As part of the Apple Special Event on April 20, 2021, the technology giant from Cupertino presented AirTag. An Apple AirTag is a Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to various objects so that they can be quickly and easily [...]
20th April 2021

What battery goes into an Apple AirTag?

With Apple AirTag, Apple has introduced its own tracker for the “Where is?” Network. In order for the AirTags to be able to emit a radio and audio signal, they naturally need energy. And this comes from a standard battery. The manufacturer […]