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15. September 2021

Apple iPad mini (6th generation) specifications and prices

With the new 6th generation iPad mini, Apple launched a small but powerful power tablet yesterday as part of the “California Streaming” special event. In comparison with the 2019 model, [...]
15. September 2021

9th Generation Apple iPad Specifications and Prices

One year after its predecessor, Apple presented the 9th generation iPad yesterday as part of the “California Streaming” event. Thanks to the A13 Bionic Chip, this should be 20% faster than the iPad in all areas [...]
9. December 2020

iPad instructions: Add a file as an event attachment in the calendar app

Did you know that you can add attachments to an event in the calendar app on the Apple iPad? With this you not only store a certain document, a PDF or an image for yourself, but also share it [...]
16. September 2020

Apple iPad (8th Generation) Specifications and Price

Apple yesterday presented two iPad models, of which the “smaller” is the new 8th generation iPad. It offers a 10,2 inch display with the support of the Apple Pencil 1, up to 128 GB of internal memory, [...]
23th of June 2020

Is your iPad compatible with iPadOS 14?

As part of yesterday's WWDC20 keynote, Apple presented the new operating system for its tablets. But for which tablet models exactly? Is your iPad compatible with iPadOS 14? Here you can find the answer to this question [...]
11. September 2019

Apple iPad 10,2 inch (Late 2019) - Information, pictures and technical data

The new Apple iPad with 10,2 inch display was presented yesterday as part of the annual September keynote by the technology giant from Cupertino. In addition to the iPhone 11 and the two professional smartphones iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro [...]
20. March 2019

Three steps backwards: what Apple is doing wrong with the new iPads

Apple recently released the new iPad Air 2019 and the new iPad mini 2019. New devices naturally put every fanboy and every fangirl into euphoria. But if you take a look at the aforementioned hardware newbies [...]