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10. August 2019
If the A key is broken ...

Reader's question: The button on the old MacBook Pro is broken - so you can still use it ...

Today I got a question from my reader Helga, who owns an old MacBook Pro, on which the A key has unfortunately failed. She has already contacted Apple about a repair, but the feedback [...]
9. February 2018

Apple Mac: Find Option, Command, Shift, and more keys

In individual guides I have already shown you where the option key, command key and shift key are on the Mac keyboard. In this article I will summarize other interesting keys in addition to these keys, which [...]
6. February 2018

Apple Keyboard: Where's the Mac Command Key?

Where is the Command key on the Apple Mac, how do you find it on the MacBook keyboard, and which key does it replace on a Windows keyboard? These questions come up quickly when one has a manual or a guide to [...]
31. January 2018

Apple keyboard: where is the Mac Option key?

Where is the Option key on the Apple Mac, how do you find it on the MacBook and on the Windows keyboard? These questions probably occupy you when in a manual or a guidebook from the Mac Option key, the Apple [...]