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22 August 2022
Apple events

Apple Events – an overview of the annual events

Manufacturers of digital and electronic products are facing major changes. The development of new technologies is getting faster and faster, the tasks and solutions are becoming more complex and the users are also becoming more demanding. The American technology company Apple […]
25 May 2022

WWDC22 program: Apple publishes detailed information

In early April, Apple announced the timeframe for WWDC22. The program for the World Wide Developers Conference, which will take place from June 6th to 10th, 2022, has now been set. In a recent press release, the […]
9 February 2022

Apple Event in March - What can we expect?

Multiple sources are currently citing Tuesday, March 8, 2022 as the date for the next Apple Special Event. Various devices will be presented on the keynote, which will probably be pre-recorded again. Some have more, others […]
13 August 2021

Apple events in autumn 2021: MacBook Pro in October, iPad mini in November?

Autumn is approaching and with it the time of the new Apple releases. Most recently, we have already dedicated ourselves to the date of the iPhone Keynote 2021. We have also listed which products we have this year [...]
9 March 2021

Apple event on March 23, 2021?

There are increasing hints from various leakers and similar Apple-related sources that the tech giant from Cupertino could hold its first event in 23 on March 2021rd. At the Apple event, the [...]
24 February 2020

Apple Keynote in March 2020: This is what the rumor mill says (summary)

Before WWDC 2020, Apple will give a keynote at which new devices will be presented. Among other things, the iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) as a new budget device from Cupertino could be there. [...]
21 October 2019
Apple Keynote October 2019

Apple Keynote October 2019: But still new devices ?!

The keynote in October is of personal interest to me, because after years of abstinence I would like to treat myself to a new iPad. This time a 12,9 inch iPad Pro - also in the [...]
30 October 2018

Summary: Apple event on October 30, 2018

Today, October 30, 2018, there was the new Apple Keynote in New York, at which, among other things, the Apple iPad Pro 2018 was presented. Where the September keynote takes place in Apple's Steve Jobs Theater [...]
13 August 2017
there are a thousand no's for every yes

There are a thousand no's for every yes - Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote Intro

At the opening of WWDC in 2013, Apple showed off an intro in which they described why Apple is Apple. Among other things, the phrase "there are a thousand no's for [...]
28 October 2016
The new MacBook Pro 2016 - is just missing an USB-A port!

The MacBook Pro "hello again" event 2016: I have no impulse to buy ...

Hello again ?! I admit that I was already looking forward to the Apple event yesterday. There were also some candidates on the wish list: new MacBook Pro, new Mac Pro, new iMac, new Thunderbolt [...]