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19 October 2021

Apple MacBook Pro 16 ″ (2021) specifications and prices

As part of yesterday's October Keynote 2021, Apple presented the new AirPods and the new MacBook Pro models. The latter is available with 14-inch and 16-inch displays. Technical data, prices of all configurations as well as further details about the [...]
19 October 2021

Apple MacBook Pro 14 ″ (2021) specifications and prices

Apple presented two new models of the MacBook Pro during the October Keynote 2021. One of them offers a new 14,2-inch display with exciting details. In addition, there is no longer a touch bar, but function keys again [...]
11 November 2020

MacBook Pro (late 2020) - Specifications, pictures and price

In addition to a new Mac mini and a new MacBook Air, Apple also unveiled a new MacBook Pro yesterday. The 13,3-inch model with an M1 chip comes with 8 CPU cores, 8 GPU cores and other interesting specs. A [...]
5 May 2020

Apple MacBook Pro 13 ″ with up to 32 GB RAM, 4,5 GHz and 4 TB storage

No major keynotes are currently possible, which is why Apple is simply introducing its new products via press release and shop launch. So the new Apple MacBook Pro 13 ″ was released quite unspectacularly. The new power laptop from Cupertino [...]
22 January 2020

Apple MacBook Pro 16 ″ - basic model 350 euros cheaper than in the Apple Store!

Are you considering buying a current MacBook Pro with a 16 “display? Then you shouldn't currently do this in the Apple Store, but on Amazon. There are the two standard variants (see below) with 300 or [...]
8 January 2020

DIY state gate repair: this is how you solve the display problem yourself

With the new year, a few older Mac models will drop out of the Apple exchange programs. Also in the case of the "Staingate" problem, where MacBooks up to four years old can get a new display for free, this is the [...]
31 July 2018

The best sleeves for the MacBook Pro "late 2016" until 2018

"Now with up to 6-core processors and 32GB memory, True Tone display and the Apple T2 chip" - this is how Apple launched the 2018 update of the current MacBook Pro in a press release. If you […]