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21 March 2022
Apple Mail Error 10673

Apple Mail Error Code 10673 – Error Clicking Links and Attaching on Mac

A reader asked me today about the error code 10673, which he always gets when he tries to open an attachment in Apple Mail on a Mac. I haven't encountered this error yet, but [...]
13 December 2021
Disable automatic capitalization on the Mac

Mac: turn off automatic capitalization + productivity tip

Today we're talking about a feature of macOS that has been annoying people for years and that has been switched off for over a year because I was fed up at some point. It's about the […]
15 July 2021
Apple Mail no longer in the Share menu

Share option in Apple Mail on Mac is no longer available

Several times a day I use the option of right-clicking on a file, then using the "Share" option in the context menu and then selecting "Mail". As a result, a new email will open [...]
29 March 2021

Add GMX Freemail Account to Mail on the iPhone

Here are the instructions for adding a GMX account to Apple Mail on the iPhone. This email provider does not appear in the standard list of providers supported by Mail. But that doesn't matter, you can still use it [...]
18 March 2021

Use blind copy in Apple Mail on the iPhone: Here's how!

In addition to the blind copy address field in Mail on the Mac, you can also use the same in the iOS version on the iPhone. So if certain email recipients should not be visible to others, you don't have to wait to write the message, [...]
18 March 2021

Use blind copy in Apple Mail on the Mac: Here's how!

If you want to send an email on your Apple Mac and enter recipients for the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), you may not have the required field. But that does not mean that it is impossible to [...]
3 December 2020

7 practical tips and rules for Apple Mail

Apple Mail is an app that is available free of charge for macOS on the Apple Mac. The mail client helps to manage e-mail accounts, create mailboxes, receive and sort e-mails, write them yourself and [...]
2 October 2020
What to do if the main Mail window is missing

[solved] Mac: Apple Mail main window does not appear at program start

Sometimes I am happy when I have the right solution to a Mac problem ready, even though I haven't even heard of the problem before. In the current case, my reader asked me [...]
22 September 2020
Moving mail on the Mac

Reader Question: Apple Mail on Mac hangs when moving email

Today my reader Wilhelm wrote to me because he is having problems with Apple Mail on his MacBook Pro with macOS Catalina. In detail it looks like this for him: Hello Jens, it keeps coming back [...]
5 August 2020
My experience with Mailbutler for Apple Mail on the Mac

Mailbutler plugin for Apple Mail - my experiences with the tool

I have to admit that I am a complete denier of third-party email programs. I've only been using Apple Mail on all of my devices for ages and usually find myself with the quirks (see for example here, here, [...]