Apple October Event 2021

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18. October 2021

Apple October Event 2021: AirPods 3, MacBook Pro and somehow HomePod mini

Today, Monday, October 18.10.2021th, 19, the Apple October Keynote took place from 00:50 p.m. local time. Although this only lasted XNUMX minutes, a lot of information was conveyed. It was effectively only about the topics [...]
18. October 2021

Recent MacBook Pro Rumors: Notch, RAM, and Hard Drive Size

Before new products from Cupertino are presented this evening as part of the Apple October Keynote 2021, there are a few more rumors. Above all, the new models of the MacBook Pro revolve around [...]
12. October 2021

Apple October Keynote 2021: Date for the special event

After this year's September keynote it was clear that Apple would also hold a special event in October. Because new MacBook models and in this context not least the new operating system macOS [...]