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8 November 2022

Apple informs about price increases: Apple One, Music, TV+

When I opened the Apple Music app today, I was told that the Music subscription will no longer cost EUR 9,99 but will instead cost EUR 10,99 from the next billing period. The same thing was given to me again […]
16 September 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 37, 2022

Last week I started the Sir Apfelot newsreel with a collection of links to keynote content related to the iPhone 14, the new Apple Watch models and the AirPods Pro 2. This week we start with […]
12 October 2020
Spotify vs SongShift Export

Spotify is taking action against apps and services for exporting playlists

Whether it is a smart move remains to be seen, but the fact is that the streaming provider Spotify is actively taking action against services and apps that enable the transfer of Spotify playlists to other music streaming providers. Well-known example: SongShift [...]
17 September 2020

Apple One - Multiple service subscriptions in one subscription

In addition to new devices, Apple also presented new services the day before yesterday. In addition to Fitness +, there was Apple One, a subscription that combines various offers. It is practically a savings package for everyone who (wants to) book several Apple services anyway. [...]
15 September 2020

Apple September Keynote 2020: Apple Watch and iPad

The Apple Special Event in September 2020 was a little different. Where we saw iPhones, accessories and much more as accessories in the past few years, there were two main focus points this year: the Apple Watch [...]