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24 August 2022

Chips and nanometers: What is behind 7 nm, 5 nm, 3 nm and 2 nm?

If you find out about processors, i.e. the so-called “chips” in computers, smartphones and other electronics, you quickly stumble across the abbreviation nm. This stands for nanometer and has been used for computer hardware for […]
9 June 2022

M2 Chip - New generation of Apple silicon

On Monday, Apple presented the new generation of Apple silicon, the M22, as part of the WWDC2 keynote. This is not only a bit larger than the M1 chip that was presented in 2020, but should […]
14 April 2022

What is Rosetta on the Apple Mac?

Apple integrates the "Rosetta" framework in certain macOS versions and for the corresponding hardware. In short, it is an emulator that runs software written for previous processor architectures for the current hardware and their new processors.
28 March 2022
MacBook Air M2 - bad news

Bad news for MacBook Air M2 fans...

I bought the first MacBook Air that Apple released in 2008. The new form factor was just too tempting and I still had a G5 Mac as a work computer, so the two Macs […]
18 January 2022
Mac Activation Lock

Disable Mac Activation Lock - the beginner's guide

Activation Lock is a feature designed to protect your Mac in the event of loss or theft. It prevents a new user from fully using the Mac because they will still be in your list […]
3 January 2022

Startup Options for Apple Silicon Macs - Keyboard shortcuts for startup

On the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook there is the possibility to call up some special system modes by pressing certain keys when starting. However, these differ between Apple computers with Intel processors and the newer models with in-house [...]
22 December 2021
Mac in recovery mode

Recovery mode on Apple Silicon Macs (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max etc.)

Even as Sir Apfelot, I've been in despair lately. My new MacBook Pro M1 Max has had a few strange niggles, which I usually start off with by "overinstalling" the system [...]
30 November 2021
Start Photoshop on the M1 Mac with Rosetta

[solved] Photoshop plugin / filter no longer appears on Apple Silicon M1 Mac

Today I had another strange experience that I would like to describe here - in the hope that there will be more people who have this problem and are therefore happy about the solution. Of the […]
23 February 2021

Fallback Recovery OS - M1-Mac with a new boot trick

In addition to Safe Mode, Recovery Mode and the latter in the Internet version, M1-Macs with “Apple Silicon” can boot in another mode. This should then be used if the other boot tricks do not [...]
30 December 2020
This is how you quickly empty the battery of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

The fastest way to discharge the battery of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

I didn't think I'd write an article about it one day, but now it has come to that. Apple seems to have solved the battery problem with laptops so well that I already [...]