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14. September 2021

Follow Apple September Keynote 2021 live: Here's how!

Tonight Apple is again introducing a few new products, most likely including the four models of the iPhone 13. Furthermore, the AirPod 3 headphones and the Apple Watch Series 7 are expected. Whether there is a revision [...]
7. September 2021

Date confirmed: Apple September keynote on September 14, 2021

The date for the Apple September keynote has been set. Today, the iPhone manufacturer confirmed September 14, 2021 as the date. As always, the transmission will start at 10:00 a.m. local time, which means 19:00 p.m. in this country. Expected […]
13. August 2021

Apple events in autumn 2021: MacBook Pro in October, iPad mini in November?

Autumn is approaching and with it the time of the new Apple releases. Most recently, we have already dedicated ourselves to the date of the iPhone Keynote 2021. We have also listed which products we have this year [...]
9. August 2021

Apple September Keynote 2021 - All the products we expect

The fact that Apple is launching the iPhone 13 this year can almost be set in stone. But which devices and which accessories will the technology giant still present? What can we do at the September keynote [...]
April 20, 2021

Apple Event - Keynote Summary on April 20, 2021

The broadcast of the latest Apple keynote is over. As usual, here is my summary of the news from Cupertino. Apple has announced new features for the Apple Card and Apple Podcasts. There is also the iPhone [...]
April 19, 2021

Apple's “Spring loaded” event: Will there be any new iMac models tomorrow?

Will the first iMac models with “Apple Silicon” SoC hit the market tomorrow? At its April 2021 event, will Apple not only offer a new iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil 3 and the AirTags, but also the [...]
April 14, 2021

Apple event confirmed - how to find the live stream!

Yesterday, Siri instigated a rumor that the next Apple Special Event will take place on April 20, 2021. Meanwhile, Apple has confirmed the rumors. Nothing else was to be expected, since Siri did not [...]
April 13, 2021

iPad Pro and AirTags: Apple Event will probably take place on April 20th

The next Apple event with new hardware will most likely take place in a week from today, April 20, 2021. An important indication of this is Siri information, which is called up over a certain period of time in some regions [...]
9. March 2021

Apple event on March 23, 2021?

There are increasing hints from various leakers and similar Apple-related sources that the tech giant from Cupertino could hold its first event in 23 on March 2021rd. At the Apple event, the [...]
6. October 2020

Apple event confirmed on October 13th: iPhone 12, AirTag, HomePod Mini?

Apple has confirmed the rumors about the new event date - it is October 13, 2020. The broadcast of the pre-recorded presentation will take place again from the Apple Park in Cupertino. That it is a live event [...]