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2 August 2022

Switching from Android smartphones to iPhone: Frequently asked questions and answers

If you want to switch from an Android smartphone to an Apple iPhone, you probably have a few questions. So that every question about switching from Android to iOS gets an answer, Apple yesterday released a new video on […]
26 April 2022
Scam attempt with fake Apple Support site - Phishing or other scam disguised as Apple Support

Sometimes strange things happen. For example, I just wanted to go to, type in the domain in the browser and land on a page that tells me that I have a "popup adware virus" on my [...]
6 January 2021

Instructions: If the macOS update aborts with errors

Sometimes it can happen that the macOS update aborts with errors. There are several reasons for this, but there are also as many solutions. In this guide you will find instructions so that you can solve the various problems quickly and easily [...]
16 February 2020
Charging problem: AirPods 2 charging case defective?

AirPods 2 wireless: Case no longer charges - free exchange

With some things you only know how often you actually use them when you no longer have them. This is what happened with my AirPods 2, which I've always had in my pocket since buying it. You […]
25 October 2018

Apple iCloud, FaceTime or iMessage down or malfunctioning? Check it out here!

Has the iCloud failed? Why is Apple TV not working? Is the App Store down? These and similar questions can be asked if one of the Cupertino services is not working properly. Maybe it works for you [...]