Contributions to Apple

In my blog, of course, a lot revolves around the Apple company and its products. It all started with a Macintosh computer, but in the meantime I have owned several Macs and currently work with a MacBook Pro, a MacBook, various iPhones and iPads and an Apple Watch.

Accessories such as the AirPods are of course also represented in my blog with experience reports and many instructions. And apart from the hardware, there are still numerous software products such as the macOS, iOS or tvOS operating systems as well as programs such as iMovie, Numbers, Pages, Photos, Final Cut Pro and a lot more.

15 July 2022
Thunderbolt 4

Information and alternatives to the Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable

What is Thunderbolt 4? How is it different from previous generations? Which cables should I buy? Do I absolutely have to use the Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable? Here is a brief overview of the features […]
8 May 2022
macOS Feature Universal Control

Mac, iPad and Universal Control from Apple – my tip for week 12

Apple introduced the "Universal Control" feature at a keynote on macOS Monterey. But since it wasn't available immediately after the release of the operating system, I had lost sight of it again. Until the day before yesterday […]
5 April 2022
Apple QuickTime

What is Apple QuickTime?

QuickTime was released by Apple in 1991 and was used back then to play movie files on the Mac - but also on Windows. Back then, QuickTime was used on Mac System 7, but it's […]
8 March 2022
Apple AirPrint

What is AirPrint?

The term AirPrint can be found again and again when working with a Mac, iPhone or iPad. There are certainly many readers who already use AirPrint every day in the office or home office, but some of the term may […]
19 February 2022
Apple realityOS or rOS

realityOS - Apple's new operating system for VR and AR glasses

It has long been known that Apple is working on a headset that includes virtual reality or augmented reality. In the last few weeks, however, there have been numerous reports from which initial information about the new operating system from the […]
21 January 2022

Apple highlights iPhone 13 battery life and Ceramic Shield in new videos

With the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro in 2021, not only processor and camera improvements as well as a new operating system came to the users of Apple smartphones. There was also an increase compared to the previous models […]
13 January 2022

Apple iMovie - Everything about the latest version of the video editing app

iMovie is a free video editing program provided by Apple. The app can be used on macOS as well as iOS and iPadOS to merge videos, photos, digitally created graphics and audio. Farther […]
23 December 2021
AirPods Max Case from co2CREA

Apple AirPods Max Case - the best case for the premium over-ears

The AirPods Max are by far the best over-ear headphones I've had on my ears so far. Here you can find a detailed review of the AirPods Max that I wrote just a few days ago. [...]
9 December 2021
Will there be a VPN with Apple One?

Apple VPN - a logical feature for Apple One or iCloud +?

There's no question that Apple has made privacy and security a big priority for its users. Last but not least, security for iPhone users is also one of the main arguments with which [...]
30 November 2021
In the test: Apple AirPods Max

In the test: Apple AirPods Max over-ear headphones with ANC

I've been looking at the Apple AirPods Max since it was released because I find over-ear headphones generally more pleasant than the in-ear versions like the AirPods Pro. On the other hand, I like to wear the normal AirPods because they only [...]