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29 October 2021
5 apps for everyday life

Five useful apps for everyday life (ad)

Have you ever wondered why there is no app? We neither! It seems as if there is now an app for everything possible that is there if you ever have a small problem [...]
13 November 2020
List of programs that will not work with macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur - these apps are not running or are incompatible

I was finally able to install Big Sur after the download kept me waiting for ages. Before I could actually install macOS Big Sur, there was also [...]
12 March 2013
iPhone app magnets

Nice idea: App magnets for the refrigerator in the iPhone look

The home screen of the Apple iPhone is probably burned into the brain of every iPhone user. For this reason, the icons that can usually be found there catch the eye particularly quickly. I recently [...]