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25 August 2020

Bypass defective home buttons on the iPhone with Assistive Touch

Old iPhones (up to iPhone 8) and also the new iPhone SE from 2020 have a home button. The button helps with various tasks, most notably getting to the home screen. But also the touch [...]
3 August 2020

iPhone home button no longer works? This is how you can solve it!

The Apple iPhone is actually a sturdy machine, but nothing lasts forever. If you have a problem with the iPhone home button, you can try the following approaches to solve it. Because in this guide [...]
18 October 2016
iphone 7 home button on screen on screen error detection homebutton broken

iPhone 7 detects a defective home button and independently offers an alternative

Of course, the iPhone 7 is “the best iPhone of all time” until the iPhone 8 is presented next year, on which the home button may have disappeared. Whether the current Apple smartphone is preparing for the innovation [...]