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31. May 2018

Atari VCS can be pre-ordered from Indiegogo (delivery in 2019)

Almost a year ago the Ataribox was announced in a mysterious manner - no one was really sure whether it should be a fake, a fan project or really a new console from Atari. After a few, after some […]
11. December 2017
Ataribox can be pre-ordered from December 14.12.2017th, XNUMX

Pre-order the Ataribox: From December 14, 2017!

“Let the games begin”, the Ataribox team is currently writing by email to everyone who has signed up for the newsletter for the new Atari console in good time. Furthermore, it says "It's time!" - and then it is announced that [...]
26. September 2017

Ataribox: hardware, system, price and release published!

Atari has just released new information about the Ataribox, the new console from the former video game giant. If in the last few months it was only guesswork, there are actually details about the hardware, the operating system, the scope of services of the [...]
17 JULY 2017

News about the Ataribox: design, connections, games and community feedback

A good month ago Atari surprised with the Ataribox, a new console that combines old and new design and is supposed to be equally suitable for classic and modern games. Now there is news from the developers [...]
19th of June 2017

Ataribox: Atari with new console "Coming Soon" - a fake?

Atari has vaguely announced its return with the Ataribox, a console that may be released for Christmas 2017, with a 21-second video. And yes: it is Atari, the game console giant celebrated in the 1980s, [...]