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June 26, 2018

Set up Apple HomePod as a speaker for Apple TV

An Apple HomePod will soon arrive not only at the Apfelot house, but also for some of you. If you also want to use this as a speaker for the Apple TV to avoid the bad sound of the
24. May 2018

Belkin Lightning jack cable for audio output on the iPhone

The jack socket for connecting headphones, loudspeakers and speakers has long been obsolete on the Apple iPhone. That is why the Belkin Lightning jack cable presented here was recently introduced. The 1,8 m long adapter cable in the simple [...]
19. November 2014
Airplay symbol

Output music and audio signals from Apple Mac to Airplay boxes

A few days ago I unpacked my [Airplay speaker-> airplay speaker] from Logitech. Since I keep playing music on YouTube in the background here and there (without paying attention to the video), [...]