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11 June 2021

Backup trends: data loss figures, backup frequency and more

A backup on Mac, PC and mobile devices such as the iPhone secures data in the event that it is lost due to a hardware failure, a virus or ransomware. Should the currently used memory [...]
4 October 2018
The online backup service Backblaze and macOS Mojave don't get along so well at first.

Backblaze and macOS Mojave - this is how the backup service works again!

Today I received an email from my favorite online backup service Backblaze, which informed me that my online backup is currently no longer running. Mojave's new security measures require user intervention as the [...]
8 November 2017
The best hard drives 2017 Q3 - 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB

Statistics of the best hard drives from Backblaze Q3 / 2017

Backblaze, a provider of online backups, publishes quarterly statistics on the hard drives used. The storage facilities are getting bigger and bigger, but also more and more reliable thanks to constantly updated checks as well as replacement and maintenance. Most recently, the online backup service provider [...]
11 September 2017

Hard drive failure statistics from Backblaze Q2 / 2017

Anyone who visits more often or who has subscribed to the newsletter for a long time knows that the hard drive failure statistics from the backup service Backblaze are regularly scrutinized here. Last year I got a [...]
7 September 2017
Crash plan alternative for backing up data and files under macOS

CrashPlan alternative for Mac users: Backblaze as a new cloud backup service

At the end of August, Code42, the software company behind the CrashPlan backup service, removed offers for private users from its portfolio. The backup product CrashPlan for Home itself will then be completely discontinued from October 23, 2018. [...]
8 June 2017

Study: The Most Reliable Hard Drives at Backblaze Online Backup Service

The most reliable hard drives for backing up data are chosen every year by Backblaze, a respected cloud service. Last year I presented you with an evaluation of the numbers up to Q1 2016: The best hard drives [...]
7 June 2017

Data backup: backup copy as protection against ransomware

Anyone who regularly backs up their data, i.e. who outsources their files and folders as a backup copy, is more protected from ransomware and its influences than others. Here I would like to briefly show you how the topics of data backup [...]
17 January 2013
Backblaze online backup OS X

Backblaze for Mac: cheap and reliable online backup

I've been using the Apple Time Capsule as my backup solution for a Mac for a number of years and have thankfully never needed it. Nevertheless, I always had fears that in the worst case […]