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April 20, 2021

What battery goes into an Apple AirTag?

With Apple AirTag, Apple has introduced its own tracker for the “Where is?” Network. In order for the AirTags to be able to emit a radio and audio signal, they naturally need energy. And this comes from a standard battery. The manufacturer […]
8. November 2018
CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032 - what are the differences?

CR2032 button cell: The differences to CR2025 and CR2016 batteries

The batteries of the CR series come under the name of "button cells" because they are round and flat like a button. Since the button cells from the CR series with the model names CR 2032, CR 2023 and [...]
28. August 2018

Batteries or rechargeable batteries for the wireless Arlo "Wire Free" WLAN camera

Reader's question: Can I use rechargeable batteries for the cameras in the Arlo Wire-Free surveillance system, or do I have to use batteries (CR123A)? I need four such batteries per camera, which of course in the long run (they last about 4 months) [...]