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23 March 2022
Apple smartphone battery capacity mAh

[Update] Apple iPhone battery capacity (mAh) of all models

Knowing the Apple iPhone battery capacity in mAh is important if you want to buy a power bank or a battery case, for example. In this article you will learn how "big" the power storage of smartphones from Cupertino is at [...]
25 October 2021
Apple watch battery, Watch Series 1, 2, 3 battery capacity, generation

[Update] Apple Watch battery capacity (mAh & Wh) of all models and editions

If you want to know the nominal power and capacity of your Apple Watch battery in mAh and Wh, then you've come to the right place. Even if you want to determine your Apple Watch model to see which [...]
29 June 2021
In the test: electric air pump from Veeape

Cordless, electric battery-powered air pump with air pressure gauge in the test

In this article I would like to focus less on the exact product than on the "product type" itself. As you can already see from the heading, it is about the electrically operated air pumps with battery. [...]
3 February 2021
NiZn battery in Eve thermo thermostat

NiZn and lithium batteries as a battery replacement for Eve Thermo and tado thermostats

Some time ago I tried to run my Eve Thermo heating thermostats with batteries. Unfortunately, the app then constantly reports that the battery in the device is empty and in some cases it even accepts the batteries [...]
29 July 2019

Apple iPad Pro 2018 (11 / 12,9 inch) battery capacity

Again and again Apple introduces new iPhone and iPad models. New hardware and software features are clearly highlighted, but the battery capacity is usually only cryptically stated. Often only a comparison to the previous model or [...]
13 December 2018

Drones fly in winter: this is how the batteries last longer

LiPo batteries are used in pretty much every drone and every quadrocopter. Such a lithium polymer battery is susceptible to low temperatures. Even a temperature around freezing point can reduce the flight time by 30 to 50% [...]
7 November 2018
Electric LED tea lights in a practical test - what good are the rechargeable candles?

In the test: rechargeable LED tea lights with a battery in a set of 12

Some time ago I had a blog post about LED tea lights with timers, in which I presented the best models from Amazon. Now, shortly before Halloween, the time had come for me to [...]
28 August 2018

Batteries or rechargeable batteries for the wireless Arlo "Wire Free" WLAN camera

Reader's question: Can I use rechargeable batteries for the cameras in the Arlo Wire-Free surveillance system, or do I have to use batteries (CR123A)? I need four such batteries per camera, which of course in the long run (they last about 4 months) [...]
13 August 2018
After pre-charging with the Olight UC, the BC700 also accepts the battery again.

Instructions: Reviving the battery - My tip for batteries that have been declared dead

Today a short but (hopefully!) Helpful everyday tip that I found out by chance: If your battery charger reports that it cannot recognize a battery or says that it is defective, then that means [...]
21 March 2018

What does the abbreviation mAh mean?

When it comes to batteries, a power bank, the battery of an Apple iPhone or MacBook, DJI drones, cameras or other mobile devices and their power supply, the abbreviation mAh [...] is often used here in the blog and elsewhere.