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29 March 2022

Find My Bike - classifieds scan for stolen bikes

If you have a bicycle, you certainly protect it against theft. There are a variety of bicycle locks, tracking via AirTag and other trackers and other options. But anyone who wants to steal bicycles knows this as well, of course. [...]
17 March 2022

AirBell – Hide AirTags inconspicuously on the bike

The Apple AirTags are designed to locate items in the event of loss or theft. Keys, backpacks, wallets and more can be equipped with an AirTag. A […]
19 March 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 11, 2021

This Friday there are again interesting news, reports and rumors that I present to you in the Sir Apfelot newsreel. This time you will get the Apple and Tech news presented to me in calendar week 11 of the [...]
7 May 2018

Lumos Smart Bike Helmet: bike helmet with lights and indicators

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet is a bicycle helmet that combines lights, indicators, brake signals and safety for the head. But it is not only useful as a helmet for cyclists and thus for the integrity of the head, [...]
30 April 2018

SmartHalo - intelligent bike computer with navigation system, light, fitness and alarm

The Canadian company Smart Halo Technologies launched its smart bicycle accessory SmartHalo some time ago. I have now taken a closer look at it and would like to those of you who [...]
26 June 2017

iPhone, headphones and driving - prohibited or not?

Using the iPhone or headphones like the Apple AirPods while driving - is that forbidden per se, or are there exceptions? I want to get to the bottom of this question with the following considerations. Because […]