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20 November 2020

Big Sur on MacBook Pros from 2013/2014 - Apple offers support document

As pointed out on Tuesday, installing macOS Big Sur can wreck the 2013 and 2014 MacBook Pro models. Apple has now addressed this problem and published a corresponding support document. What you need to know [...]
19 November 2020

Mac models with M1: Recovery makes Apple computers unusable

The new Mac models with the M1 chip from Apple seem to have a massive gap in functionality. When you restore your Mac mini or MacBook Air / Pro, the device becomes unusable and only displays an error message. According to MacRumors, [...]
17 November 2020

ATTENTION: macOS Big Sur is wrecking old MacBook Pros!

Installing macOS 11.0 Big Sur can cause problems on the oldest of the supported MacBook models (from 2013 and 2014). This is reported by several sources with reference to user statements on various platforms such as Apple forums, Reddit, etc. [...]
16 November 2020

Install macOS Big Sur and Catalina in parallel without a partition

Thanks to the APFS file system, it is very easy on the Apple Mac to install two operating systems in parallel on one hard drive - and that without partitions. In the past, hard disks had to be broken down into individual virtual parts (partitions), then [...]
16 November 2020

Tragic: DiskMaker X era ended with macOS Big Sur ...

For years, DiskMaker X has been the go-to tool for anyone who wanted to quickly and easily attach a Mac OS X or macOS installer to a USB stick. Presented here in the blog, for example, at this point, [...]
14 November 2020
macOS Big Sur Error: Installation Failed

macOS Big Sur Error: Installation Failed

As every year, yesterday I jumped at the new macOS update with great joy in order to be able to try it out quickly on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, the download of macOS Big [...]
13 November 2020
List of programs that will not work with macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur - these apps are not running or are incompatible

I was finally able to install Big Sur after the download kept me waiting for ages. Before I could actually install macOS Big Sur, there was also [...]
12 November 2020
macOS Big Sur is available for download

macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 is available for download

The backup is done and at the end of the day Apple - as announced - makes the new operating system available for download. macOS Big Sur appears directly in version 11.0.1, since the first bug fixes with [...]
11 November 2020
Install macOS Big Sur?

macOS Big Sur (11.0) - should I install the update?

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 12.11.2020th, XNUMX, the macOS Big Sur update will be delivered according to Apple's PR department. For this reason, my reader Martin wrote to me and asked whether it was sensible and risk-free to [...]
4 November 2020

Install macOS Big Sur? Bombich Software advises against for the time being!

With Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) you can easily create backups of your Mac hard drive. The developers behind the tool have now advised against an early macOS Big Sur installation. In this post I go on [...]