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19 August 2022

Strong recommendation: Update to Safari 15.6.1 on macOS Catalina and Big Sur

After I advised you yesterday to install the latest versions of macOS, iOS and iPadOS on compatible devices, today the Safari browser is on the agenda. The app has to run under […]
20 April 2021

Bartender 4 - Menu Bar Manager now available

After a long beta test phase, Surtees Studios rolled out the final version of Bartender 4 yesterday. Of course, the macOS tool is still being worked on to improve it, according to the official blog post on the topic. But […]
22 February 2021

[Solved] Catalina installer cannot be deleted from trash on macOS Big Sur

If you have placed a macOS installer in the trash of the Mac operating system and it cannot be deleted, you will find the right solution here. In addition to a few simple solutions, the last path - which leads to [...]
16 February 2021

Big Sur Upgrade: "Loss of data due to insufficient disk space" bug seems to have been resolved

Most recently, there was a warning for upgrade versions and betas of macOS 11 Big Sur if there was not enough space on the Mac hard drive. This is because the installer did not perform a hard drive check before the installation. The installation […]
6 January 2021

Instructions: If the macOS update aborts with errors

Sometimes it can happen that the macOS update aborts with errors. There are several reasons for this, but there are also as many solutions. In this guide you will find instructions so that you can solve the various problems quickly and easily [...]
25 December 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 52, 2020

Ho ho ho! It's Christmas time and Friday too. And that's why you get a brand new Sir Apfelot newsreel under the tree today. This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news with [...]
20 November 2020

Big Sur on MacBook Pros from 2013/2014 - Apple offers support document

As pointed out on Tuesday, installing macOS Big Sur can wreck the 2013 and 2014 MacBook Pro models. Apple has now addressed this problem and published a corresponding support document. What you need to know [...]
19 November 2020

CrossOver for M1 Macs: Run Windows apps on Big Sur

Perhaps some of you already know the Wine Project (Wine for short), with which Windows programs can be used on macOS and Linux. The CrossOver software based on it now makes it possible to run computationally intensive Windows apps under macOS Big Sur [...]
19 November 2020

Mac models with M1: Recovery makes Apple computers unusable

The new Mac models with the M1 chip from Apple seem to have a massive gap in functionality. When you restore your Mac mini or MacBook Air / Pro, the device becomes unusable and only displays an error message. According to MacRumors, [...]
17 November 2020

ATTENTION: macOS Big Sur is wrecking old MacBook Pros!

Installing macOS 11.0 Big Sur can cause problems on the oldest of the supported MacBook models (from 2013 and 2014). This is reported by several sources with reference to user statements on various platforms such as Apple forums, Reddit, etc. [...]