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15 May 2022
Envato and Themeforest invoice

Download the invoice from Themeforest or Envato-Market

With foreign providers, you often have to search the platform for a while until you find an invoice that the typical German tax consultant will be happy with. For the YouTube Premium bill, I […]
5 May 2021
YouTube Premium VAT Invoice

Where can I find the bill for YouTube Premium?

Somehow every service provider on the Internet seems to have its own technology to hide account statements and invoices from customers. It's not much different with Google or YouTube. I booked YouTube Premium a few months ago [...]
16 January 2020

Request invoices for purchases in the App Store and iTunes

The automatic delivery of invoices for digital purchases at Apple doesn't always work. In the recent past there have even been extensive problems and for some users, sometimes for weeks, an invoice was no longer sent automatically by e-mail. If [...]