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10 September 2020

40% discount at Blinkist - book summaries cheaper until the end of September

At Blinkist you not only get thousands of book summaries, but also a 40% discount. Take advantage of the great savings offer until the end of the month and pay only 6,67 euros instead of 3,99 euros with the annual subscription of the premium level [...]
16 September 2019

Blinkist Alternatives - Who Else Offers Book Summaries?

Blinkist is now a well-known service for book summaries from a wide variety of subject areas. Based in Berlin, it feels like the only German provider for faster reading or capturing of books. A German-speaking and [...]
9 September 2019

Blinkist vs. getAbstract - comparison of book reading services

There are different providers for consuming book summaries from the areas of knowledge, business and lifestyle. You can find a review of one of the best known, namely Blinkist, here in the blog. And also for a long time in [...]
4 September 2019

getAbstract: Book summaries for the lazy

The getAbstract service offers book summaries of non-fiction and literary classics. This makes the service an exciting addition or even an alternative to Blinkist. If you don't yet know what Blinkist is, you can find my experience report here. [...]
7 January 2019
Blinkist prices - that's what the service costs

Blinkist: What are the costs?

If you don't know Blinkist yet, you can take a quick look at my experience report on this book-read-in-record-time service. There I explain how the Blinkist works, what the apps for iPhone and iPad can do and with how many new books [...]
20 October 2018
Instructions: How to cancel the Blinkist subscription.

Cancel Blinkist account - explained in screenshots of the website and the app!

I've been using the premium service of the Blinkist app since I tried it ages ago. A reader commented on the post today who unfortunately did not find out how to delete your account or [...]
2 March 2018

My experience with Blinkist - the book summary service

It's been a few months since I first read about Blinkist. To be honest, I didn't understand the concept straight away, because up until now I was familiar with a service for "book summaries" [...]