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14 April 2020
Error in the Corona emergency aid

[Update] My experience: Corona immediate help for bloggers and SEOs

Update April 14.04.2020th, XNUMX: Application approved, money is on its way Yesterday (on Easter Monday!) I received a message from the RP Kassel that my application was approved and that I will shortly receive the approval notification. Here is the exact wording of the [...]
16 January 2019
The Mac has two fonts for emoji graphics, which of course can also be used in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Use emojis in Photoshop - here's how!

Emojis are kind of a never-ending trend. Every year there are new funny emoji symbols that can be used in the Messages app on iPhone, iPad or Mac. But not only there, but in all [...]
19 September 2018
Wordpress help for bloggers: I will help you if your blog is nagging and no longer wants to!

WordPress help for bloggers - support against contribution

WordPress is actually one of the simple editorial or blog systems. Nevertheless, there are always problems that leave a normal user standing with question marks over their heads. Since I don't only use WordPress [...]
23 December 2016
Sir Apfelot's Christmas wishes 2016

Thanks to all readers!

The time before Christmas is always a good time to think a little about the past year. Yesterday I was on a winter walk in the forest and was thinking about what to do with my [...]