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20 July 2022
Test of the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Review: Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Plus - Bluetooth speakers for pool and beach parties

The last test of a "Bluetooth Howler Cube", as some people like to call Bluetooth boxes, was several months ago. I am all the more pleased that Anker once again sent me such a product that I […]
4 August 2021
The best bluetooth speakers in 2021

The best cordless portable bluetooth speakers for 2021

In the following post I would like to introduce you to the - from my point of view - best portable speakers that you can currently buy in 2021. With great sound and longer battery life, they are perfect for every music lover, [...]
21 September 2020

Soundcore Mini 3+ daily and weekly offers from Anker

For today's Monday there is not only the Soundcore Mini 3 as a new product, but also daily and weekly offers from the manufacturer Anker. These include plenty of charging accessories in the form of power packs, cables, power banks and Co. [...]
26 May 2020
Test report on the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

In the test: the Pocket Kick from Soundfreaq - my smallest Bluetooth speaker

The manufacturer Soundfreaq gave me their little Bluetooth speaker called "Pocket Kick" for a test. Apart from very tiny Bluetooth boxes that are the size of a matchbox (and have a similar sound), the Soundfreaq [...]
12 May 2020
Anker Soundcore Flare 2 in the test

In the test: Anker Soundcore Flare 2 - 360 degree Bluetooth speaker with LED color change

The guys in the marketing department at Anker provide me with new products every now and then, which I can then present on my blog. This time the revised version of the Soundcore Flare hit me [...]
3 May 2020
Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse in the test

Edifier Luna e25 HD Eclipse 2.0 in the test - good, external speakers for the Mac?

A few weeks ago I had a short e-mail conversation with my reader Uwe, who was looking for external speakers for his iMac that should also have an optical input so that he could connect them to his [...]
13 February 2020
Test report on the Tribit MaxSound Plus

In the test: Tribit MaxSound Plus 24W Bluetooth speaker

I've already put so many Bluetooth speakers under the microscope in tests that you'd actually think I'm fed up with the little roaring cubes. But the opposite is the case: I am [...]
19 December 2019

Divoom speaker - Bluetooth speaker with pixel art displays

Are you bored of regular Bluetooth speakers? Do you want more visual fun at the party, in the office or simply listening to a podcast in the bathtub? Then the Divoom speakers are definitely the right thing for you! Because they [...]
25 September 2019

Wirecutter test winner: The best Bluetooth boxes 2019

Wirecutter magazine, a specialist publication of the New York Times, occasionally publishes leaderboards for various types of equipment. In June I had already introduced you to the best monitors in 2019; now a few products will follow [...]
26 August 2019
EasyAcc F10 in the test

In the test: waterproof Bluetooth speaker EasyAcc F10 with light effects and drum mode

The manufacturer EasyAcc occasionally sends me products that I can try out in order to write a report about them. The current case is about the F10 Bluetooth speaker, which offers a few features that [...]