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2 September 2019

Does it mean depth of field or depth of field?

When taking pictures with the camera or smartphone, the background should sometimes be sharp and sometimes blurred. But what is the technical term for the sharpness in the depth of the image - depth of field or depth of field? Each [...]
11 August 2017

iPhone Photography under iOS 11: Portrait mode can be undone

With the presentation of the iPhone 7 Plus almost a year ago, Apple introduced, among other things, the portrait mode in iPhone photography, in which you can artificially create depth of field using the bokeh effect. However, the effect is [...]
30 September 2016
iphone 7 plus cameras it is worth changing the iphone 6 camera

Depth of field on the iPhone 7 Plus: Portrait mode against DSLR camera

With the iPhone 7 Plus and its double camera, Apple tried to introduce a new chapter in smartphone photography for the 2016 Keynote; namely with the depth of field. The portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus should lead to [...]