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2 October 2018

[Update 2021] macOS Mojave manual - instructions and pictures as a book

Apple's new Mac operating system is out: macOS 10.14 Mojave. If you want to use this with all its new features or if you want to get to know it as a complete beginner, you can use a macOS Mojave manual. The illustrated instructions [...]
6 May 2015
Wordpress 4 manual from Galileo

Book tip: WordPress 4 - The ultimate manual by Alexander Hetzel

What else can you do with WordPress besides blogging? What installations are there and how do I best use them? What is the easiest way to create your own (responsive) themes and plugins, and how do I design [...]
29 September 2014
Nerdikon cover

Computer and nerd books as a gift idea for friends and colleagues

At this point I would like to introduce some books that I use as gift ideas for computer geeks, nerds or work colleagues - perhaps as a supplement or as an alternative to my other suggestions: the C64 book or the Apple T-shirts. :) [...]