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21. August 2019

Rufus - Create a bootable USB stick with Windows, Linux and more

With the little Rufus app you can create a bootable USB stick under Windows; also for Linux and other operating systems. The program is not designed for macOS, but - in my opinion - still a [...]
16. August 2018

DiskMaker X - make bootable drives yourself with macOS Installer

DiskMaker X is a Mac app that lets you create a bootable drive from which macOS can be installed on an Apple computer. So if you want a new Mac, iMac or MacBook [...]
31 JULY 2017

SQWARQ Boot Buddy: Creating a macOS Boot Stick is child's play

With the Boot Buddy app from SQWARQ, it is child's play to create a macOS boot stick to boot or install the Apple operating system for Mac, iMac and MacBook from a USB stick. And also […]
26. September 2016
macos sierra usb stick install format boot bootable usb stick os x

Bootable USB stick: Install macOS Sierra from the USB medium

I have already explained in detail how you can create a bootable USB stick for OS X; This article is about macOS Sierra on a USB stick. Given the [...]