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April 10, 2021
iCab Browser for Mac

iCab Mac Browser - Fast and Lightweight - Pick of the Week CW15

The pick of the week this time goes to a browser that has been around for what feels like forever: iCab. The iCab browser has been around for over 20 years, but it delights its users [...]
17. November 2019
Automatically close iOS Safari tabs

Safari on the iPhone and iPad: automatically close open tabs after a certain period of time

I'm always happy when my son shoots down all the "open apps" on my iPhone and then tells me that my iPhone has more space again. Somehow that will probably also be true, but [...]
20. November 2018
Firefox Logo

Completely switch off push notifications and question windows in Firefox

I admit: When the push notifications from websites were new to the browser, I, as a blogger, was enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to inform loyal readers directly about a new post. Unfortunately, [...]
14. November 2018
Photoshop tips and tricks

Photoshop: Pick up the color with the eyedropper outside the Photoshop window

Today seems to be my Photoshop Tip Day. I have discovered another very practical thing that makes life in Photoshop easier: You can also use the pipette to change colors from websites and media from other [...]
16. February 2018

Why the advertising company Google integrates an ad blocker in the browser

Since yesterday there is a native ad blocker in the web browser Google Chrome, which is supposed to block advertisements on websites. But why is the advertising company Google integrating such an advertising block in its browser? The answer lies with the Better [...]
20th of June 2017
The screenshot of the Firefox add-on Find and Replace shows how the search can be carried out.

Firefox add-on for searching and replacing in text fields

Do you sometimes have the case that you have to change a company name in a WordPress post or in a text that you have just written in a text field? Or an HTML tag from, for example [...]