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4 January 2022

HomeKit bug: Device names that are too long can paralyze the iPhone

There is a bug in the current iOS versions for the Apple iPhone that can render the smartphone unusable. It results from a Denial of Service when HomeKit information is loaded from devices with names that are too long. [...]
7 April 2019
The Photos app on the Mac.

Photos app on the Mac: The quick-look preview with the space bar is back

Many of you may not have noticed the change, but when I was looking through my photos with the Photos app on the Mac and wanted to open a quick preview of an image with the unfamiliar "return key" (I [...]
6 October 2017
The Mac App Store is bad and coupon codes cannot be redeemed? Then the Apple ID may help log out and log in.

Solution: Mac App Store promo code or voucher code cannot be redeemed

A few days ago, Stefan asked me why he couldn't redeem a voucher code or promo code in the Mac App Store on his Mac. These codes are usually used to download a normally paid app for free [...]
15 November 2013
Restore Open Office window dialog

OpenOffice message "Restore window" got away

I just had to get a Windows Doc in .odt format again. When I opened OpenOffice, however, the message "When trying to restore the program window, the program terminated unexpectedly. Would you like [...]
28 October 2013
Repair the home button yourself

Repair iPhone Home Button - The Guide

No matter whether [iPhone 4 or 4s-> iphone-4] or iPod or iPad: The [home button-> home button] is one of the main problems that older iOS devices have according to the support forums. The home button only reacts to strong pressure or it swallows [...]