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22. December 2020
LR44 batteries photo

Button cell LR44 - comparison type, data and identical replacement

The designation "LR44" is based on the abbreviation "LR", whereby "L" shows according to the IEC name declaration that it is an alkali-manganese cell. The "R" stands for "round cell" - what we commonly call button cells [...]
2th of June 2019
Watch batteries for the common models and manufacturers

Button cell SR626SW: Technical data and alternatives to this battery

The SR626SW battery is often referred to as the watch battery because it is one of its most common uses. In fact, it is - like most button cells - due to its small dimensions, its long shelf life of several years [...]
7. February 2019
How long hearing aid batteries last depends on three factors: battery capacity, daily usage time and power consumption of the hearing aid.

Reader's question: How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Yesterday I got a question from a reader who wanted to know whether it is "normal" for the hearing aid batteries to only last a week. However, this question is not so easy to answer [...]
1. November 2018
Watch batteries for the common models and manufacturers

Buy watch batteries - the most popular models and manufacturers

The term "watch battery" basically means a normal button cell that is built into the wristwatch. You can quickly see why these batteries are called "button cells" by their flat and round design. Most wristwatches [...]
2. November 2014
CR2032 photo

CR2032 battery: BIOS battery or backup battery - offers and data

The designation CR2032 is the identifier of a button cell that can be found in various devices. Among other things, it is used as a backup battery in computers (so-called BIOS battery) or other electronic devices. One finds […]